Rotating Machine Testing

As the number of generating stations increases and older power generation plants are upgraded the need to have rotating machines tested has grown. Advanced Testing Systems has tested many generation facilities and realizes the time constraints on many of these projects. That is why Advanced Testing Systems has developed our test equipment to be easily movable and decrease the set up time usually associated with these types of tests. Typical set up time for our test systems is 30 minutes from arrival on site. Compare that to the set up time of other companies usually measured in days and you can see the immediate time and money savings. Advanced Testing Systems is able to provide the following rotating machine services.

  • Quick Response AC Test units up to 50kV ,500kVA AC
  • Larger Power AC Test Systems up to 250kV, 2500kVA AC
  • DC Hi-potential Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing and Measurement
  • Corona Camera Inspections
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Polarization Index and Insulation Resistance Testing
  • AC Pole Drop Testing


A NETA Certified

A NETA Certified field test and measurement company