Advanced Testing Systems was formed in 1982 as an electrical testing and maintenance company primarily based around the New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Tri State metro area. Our offices are located in Bethel, CT. While we still offer service to the Tri State area we have performed testing and troubleshooting worldwide.

Advanced Testing Systems, Inc. works closely with many industrial, utility, and corporate facilities providing electrical preventative maintenance programs, installation testing, and engineering services.

Ongoing complete maintenance programs of all facility substations is being performed by A.T.S. at a number of Fortune 500 facilities in the Tri-state region. This work includes service and testing of all medium and low voltage switchgear, transformers, protective relaying, metering, and standby power generation equipment.

When a $200 Million expansion project for a large corporate research center was given the go ahead, Advanced Testing Systems expertise was called upon for the inspection and acceptance testing of all medium voltage power equipment.

In 1989, the New York Power Authority completed its 207 mile, 345kV, 2500MVA transmission line from Marcy, N.Y. to Long Island. Advanced Testing Systems was retained to perform the high voltage acceptance testing on both the underground (submarine) feeder cables and the GIS substations. At the time, this was the largest electrical transmission project in the United States.

When a major corporation wanted to perform an electrical preventative maintenance program on its 2 million square foot headquarters, A.T.S. engineers sat down with the facility engineers to put together the program. By judicious planning and scheduling, a program was developed which reduced the necessary downtime, as well as overtime labor costs, by 60% compared to their previous P.M. program. The resulting cost benefits become quite obvious.

In December of 2009 when a 345kV oil insulated pipe type cable providing power to part of Long Island faulted, the expertise of Advanced Testing Systems was called upon to locate the fault. The fault was located in an upscale neighborhood of Long Island. The fault was found and able to be fixed with minimal digging or disturbance to the surrounding neighborhood due in part to the fault location techniques employed by Advanced Testing Systems and our ability to accurately pinpoint the fault before having crews dispatched to dig.

Recently while a Grid Connection project in Linden, NJ was under construction Advanced Testing Systems was able to provide testing services up to 30kV AC on three Variable Frequency Transformers. This was only the third installation utilizing this technology in the world.

When a large university had an electrical failure, A.T.S. sent a fault locating team and power was restored in time for classes the next day. As good as any maintenance program can be, problems do arise which require instantaneous action. Therefore, Advanced Testing Systems also provides 24 hour emergency service.

A NETA Certified

A NETA Certified field test and measurement company