Let Advanced Testing Systems fulfill your cable testing needs. With our wide range of capabilities and expertise we are able to offer the ability to test cables of all types. With the increasing demand put on electrical systems and the aging infrastructure that support’s them failures do occur. In the case you do have a failure we offer emergency cable fault location service. We offer many testing options for cable testing whatever you may require:

  • Non- destructive proof testing up to 1050kV DC, 250kV AC, 200kV VLF
  • For DC testing our custom built leakage current data logger allows Advanced Testing Systems to conduct high voltage DC testing with accurate results for leakage current in each cable of a three phase system. This method eliminates the leakage current to air or other nearby structures from the test results. This provides our customers with more accurate data about their cable than traditional testing methods along with a reduced test time since there is no need to test each cable individually.
  • Partial Discharge Testing onsite or in our laboratory
  • Cable fault location utilizing acoustic, magnetic, bridge and T.D.R. techniques
  • Insulation Power Factor
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Shield Continuity
  • Twenty-four hour emergency service available


A NETA Certified

A NETA Certified field test and measurement company