AC Testing

AC Testing 2

Advanced Testing Systems has a wide variety of high voltage AC test systems available to you.  With testing capabilities up to 700kV AC, we can

Our series resonant AC test sets are brought to your site on a flatbed trailer optimized for minimal setup time.  We pride ourselves in getting onsite and offsite quickly and safely.  We send with our test equipment a test engineer with minimum 10 years experience in the HV testing field.  Our engineers have designed many HV test systems and know the ins-and-outs of our equipment and how to properly connect to and test your equipment.  All are OSHA certified and ready to comply with site-specific safety policies.

Here is a sampling of the AC testing systems we have available.  If you don’t see something that meets your requirements, please ask.  We’ve been doing this for nearly 40 years and have made many friends in the industry, so in the rare event where we can’t help you, we can point you to someone who can.

MVF700-10500 Variable Frequency Series Resonant Modular Test Set
Rated 700kV, 15A / 350kV, 30A
Ideal for testing cables rated up to 550kV

MSR700-2100 Series Resonant Modular Test Set
Rated 700kV, 3A / 350kV, 6A
Ideal for testing GIS rated up to 550kV

TSR150-1500 Series Resonant Test Set
Rated 150kV, 10A with taps down to 40kV, 37.5A
Ideal for testing cable rated up to 138kV and GIS rated up to 69kV

TSR40-400 Mini-Container Mounted Series Resonant Test Set
Rated 40kV, 10A with taps down to 10kV, 40A
Ideal for testing generators rated up to 13.8kV and cables up to 35kV

A NETA Certified

A NETA Certified field test and measurement company