Whether you need a simple load study or a complete facility maintenance testing program, Advanced Testing Systems is ready to meet your requirements and save you time and money.

As the demand for reliable production, transmission, and distribution of electrical power continues to grow, so does the need for proper electrical maintenance. Furthermore, as corporations and utilities restructure to meet changing economic times, greater stress is placed on electrical equipment in an effort to increase productivity and efficiency. In this environment, electrical failures can be economically catastrophic in terms of lost production and capital. Electrical equipment maintenance is essential to preserve a competitive edge.

Advanced Testing Systems maintains a pool of engineers and technicians ready to meet your schedule. The use of the most modern testing equipment, as well as computerized record keeping and report generation, provides accurate efficient service. This level of expertise has resulted in continued approvals and recommendations by various agencies and utilities.

A NETA Certified

A NETA Certified field test and measurement company